Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfit Fashion Ideas - Pearls

A Swiftie’s Guide On What To Wear To Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

How do you dress like a Swiftie

A simple yet effective way to pay tribute to the tour is by wearing whatever you like, perhaps a white shirt and blue jeans, paired with Taylor's favorite accessory: a pearl necklace.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert in Sydney and Melbourne was like a wild ride through her music evolution! From twangy country vibes to catchy synth-pop anthems, she had it all. The stage was a visual feast with backdrops that matched each tune perfectly.

Taylor Swift is undeniably obsessed with pearls. If you're pondering what to wear to her show, just sport her beloved pearl jewelry with any ensemble, and voilà! Prepare for some enchantment. Peep Taylor Swift's pearl-infused style highlights.

taylor swift eras tour concert sydney

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Taylor Swift's fashion looks with pearl necklace Want to dress like Taylor? Check out Pearl Me AU Pearl Neckalce Collection here

Taylor Swift is not only a powerhouse in the music industry, but also a fashion icon known for her elegant and sophisticated style. One of her favourite accessories is the pearl necklace she wears on many occasions, adding a touch of classic beauty to her outfits.

Peep Taylor Swifts' snazzy pearl earrings here!

taylor swift fashion ideas wearing pearl earrings


Taylor Swift rocking a pearl necklace


Taylor Swift and the clothes she wears 


Taylor Swift Fashion Ideas

In addition to her jewellery choices, Taylor Swift has also influenced fashion trends with her accessories. Her pearl phone case became a must-have for fans who wanted to emulate her chic style. During her "Eras" tour in Australia, the pearl phone case was a popular accessory among concert-goers, further solidifying Taylor's status as a fashion trendsetter.


Taylor Swift Fashion Book - People Magazine with Pearl Necklace

In 2014, PEOPLE Magazine marked its 40th Anniversary by revisiting and recreating its inaugural cover, this time featuring the career-driven Taylor Swift. The international pop star, also a fixture on PEOPLE's Best Dressed list, graced the cover, stunning in pearls. This homage echoed the magazine's historic first issue in 1974, which famously featured Mia Farrow's iconic Great Gatsby look.The moment emphasised Taylor's status not only as a musical powerhouse, but also as a fashion icon, showcasing her timeless beauty and impeccable style.

Taylor Swift's affection for pearls runs through her style, appearing in her concerts, red carpets, and magazine shoots. Her knack for blending pearls into her outfits showcases her dazzling fashion sense and reinforces her position as a trendsetter.

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