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Entwined Baroque Freshwater Pearl Silver Earrings Scarlett

Entwined Baroque Freshwater Pearl Silver Earrings Scarlett

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These baroque freshwater pearl silver earrings feature:
  • 18k gold plated sterling silver
  • Authentic freshwater baroque pearls approx. 8-10mm
  • Length approx. 30-35mm
  • Comes with a cotton jewellery pouch


Envision the allure of the entwined baroque freshwater pearl silver earrings, meticulously crafted from premium 18k gold-plated sterling silver. Not only do these earrings boast a luxurious finish, but their exceptional durability ensures they stand the test of time. The gold plating elevates their overall radiance, infusing a subtle touch of opulence into your ensemble, making every moment special.

As the Scarlett Earrings delicately dangle at a length of approximately 30-35mm, picture how they gracefully frame your face with an undeniable touch of grace and style.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, their ideal size makes them a statement piece while ensuring comfort for extended wear.

These earrings become more than just accessories; they are a perfect blend of sophistication and ease, allowing you to showcase your unique style with confidence and timeless elegance.


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  • All pearls and stones are unique and may have slight variations in colour and characteristics from the image.
  • There are natural growth marks and scars on the surface of the pearl.
  • The Last thing on and the First thing off to avoid direct contact with chemicals, salt water, perfume, hair product and moisturisers. Read our Pearl Care Guide & Gold Plated Jewellery Care Guide for more useful tips.
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